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At Aviator Risk, we provide aviation professionals with insurance policies tailored to their unique needs. Our dedicated team of aviation insurance brokers combines in-depth industry knowledge and exceptional service to offer you strategic advice, comprehensive coverage, and competitive pricing.

Regardless of your flying experience or the type of aircraft you operate, we’re here to ensure your peace of mind with coverage that lets you fly confidently.

At Aviator Risk, we’re your dedicated specialists in aviation insurance. As part of Queensland’s leading insurance broking group, we specialise in providing expert advice and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of non-commercial aircraft owners and operators. We proudly offer comprehensive insurance solutions for:

Aviation insurance stands apart from general insurance due to its complexity and the specialised knowledge required to navigate its policies and contracts effectively. Although the Australian skies present a wide array of aircraft ownership opportunities, they operate within one of the most regulated environments worldwide. This landscape makes understanding and complying with regulations daunting.

At Aviator Risk, we simplify these complexities to provide personalised coverage that aligns with your unique requirements. Our commitment is to offer you strategic and expert advice that is both comprehensive and affordable, ensuring that you’re not just insured but also assured with peace of mind each time you take to the skies.

What we do

Our mission extends beyond offering general insurance coverage; we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients to ensure their aviation ventures remain safe with tailored insurance solutions and comprehensive risk management.

We specialise in creating custom policies for small aircraft, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and helicopters, as well as hangarkeepers’ liability and additional insurance catered to the needs of the aviation industry, its assets, and associated businesses.

Aviation policies are unique in their ability to incorporate numerous endorsements, many of which enhance standard coverage at no additional cost. However, many aircraft owners who manage their insurance independently may not fully understand or overlook these available endorsements, leaving them vulnerable to various risks.

At Aviator Risk, we leverage our deep understanding of the industry to bridge these gaps. We take a proactive approach to risk management and provide you with insights and expert advice you need to remain compliant and safe. We cover all potential risks and advise strategies to mitigate them, ensuring you’re always prepared and protected. Our commitment to fostering a long-lasting relationship means we’re here for you, from policy inception to claim resolution, offering ongoing support to keep your operations soaring smoothly.

Why might you need an aviation insurance broker?

As brokers, we advocate for you from the initial policy setup, through renewals, to handling claims. We eliminate the time-consuming hassle of comparing policies as we tailor coverage to suit your aircraft’s operational requirements and identify essential policy extensions.

In the event of a claim, we oversee the process, addressing all relevant details and liaising with the insurer on your behalf, ensuring a stress-free and seamless resolution process.

Our aviation insurances

Aircraft insurance

UAV insurance

Hangars keeper’s liability insurance

Helicopter insurance

Hot air balloon insurance

Aircraft insurance

Aircraft insurance is a specialised product that can be complex for many aircraft owners and operators to fully understand. Whether you’re looking to insure a small aircraft to a turbine helicopter, our team of expert aviation insurance brokers is here to help.

We provide insurance for a wide range of aviation needs and purposes including:

UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) insurance

UAV insurance is essential for drone ownership and operation within Australia, requiring all operators to possess the necessary qualifications and insurance for their drones’ specific usage purposes. Our in-depth knowledge of both the aviation and the UAV sectors guarantees that our clients are fully insured and protected against all related risks. We offer expert guidance tailored to your equipment and experience level.

Coverage is available for:

Details you will be asked to provide:

Hangarkeepers’ liability insurance

Whether you’re seeking coverage for your private hangar or need liability insurance for commercial aviation activities like aircraft maintenance and airport support services, we offer a comprehensive and detailed service.

Aviation businesses that may require hangarkeepers’ liability include:

Hangar insurance

Our team of aviation insurance brokers is equipped to guide you through your Hangar Insurance requirements, securing the most favourable premiums and policy conditions from a variety of Australian-based insurers.

Coverage can include:

Hangarkeepers’ liability policy

Hangarkeepers’ liability is a generic term used by the Aviation Insurance Industry that refers to a type of liability insurance policy. In Australia, a hangarkeepers’ liability policy consists of three distinct sections. The specific nature of your business dictates the level of liability risk you face, which can then be mitigated by selecting coverage from one, two, or all three of these sections.

Most businesses require Section 1 as a minimum requirement. A brief description of the cover provided by each section follows:

Most businesses require Section 1 as a minimum. A brief description of the cover provided by each section follows:

Liability policy sections

Section 1 provides covers for what is generally known as Public Liability. This covers you for amounts which you may be adjudged to pay to any person or persons as compensation in respect of:
Bodily injury or death;
Loss of, or damage to the property of others caused by your negligence in the conduct of your business or any defect in your premises, plant, or machinery used in the business.

Section 2 provides cover for aircraft or aircraft components that are deemed to be in your care, custody, or control, or while being serviced, maintained, or worked on.

Section 3 provides product liability cover for aircraft, aircraft components, or goods that have left your care, custody, or control, or after they have been maintained, serviced, or worked on.

Endorsements available to the standard wording include:

Helicopter insurance

Whether you operate helicopters for private or commercial purposes, we offer guidance on the best helicopter insurance options across Australia. We can also provide advice on additional liability cover for helicopters used in the tourism industry.

We can find the best cover for the following specialist fields:

Hot air balloon insurance

Hot air balloons present a unique risk for aviation insurance, differing from those associated with helicopters or planes. Given their frequent use in the tourism industry, they often necessitate broader liability coverage.

Coverage is available for:

Endorsements available include:

Why choose us?

Tailored insurance solutions

Our approach to aviation insurance is highly personalised, tailoring policies to meet the unique needs of each client. From small aircraft to commercial helicopters, we ensure your specific requirements are covered.

Unmatched expertise

With our team of dedicated aviation insurance brokers, we bring to the table a wealth of industry knowledge to provide you with the most comprehensive advice and coverage.

Industry-leading partnerships

As part of Queensland’s leading insurance broking group, we have access to reputable Australian insurers that allow us to secure the most competitive premiums and policy conditions. This means we can offer you the best value without compromising on coverage.

Lasting relationships

Our commitment to long-lasting relationships guarantees continuous support and guidance from the moment your policy begins until any claims are fully resolved, ensuring you’re always in good hands.

Comprehensive coverage options

We offer an extensive range of coverage options, protecting every aspect of your aviation venture. From aircraft and hangar insurance to complex liability policies, we’ve got every angle covered.

Active risk management

Beyond insurance, we engage in proactive risk assessment, identifying potential threats and advising mitigation strategies to ensure your operations are continuously protected.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have all the answers to your questions. 

We provide a wide range of aviation insurance solutions, including coverage for small aircraft, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), helicopters, hangars, and liability insurance for commercial activities. Our policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of the aviation industry, its assets, and associated businesses.

As the details of aviation insurance are highly complex, it requires personalisation to suit your specific requirements. We start by understanding your operations and the aircraft you use. Based on this information, we then tailor your policy to ensure it covers your exact requirements, including any necessary policy extensions.

Working with a broker means you have an advocate on your side to handle everything from policy comparisons to renewal processes and handling claims, saving you time and headaches. Our expertise also means we can secure the most competitive premiums and policy conditions.

In the event of a claim, we take care of the entire process on your behalf. We review the circumstances surrounding the claim, liaise with insurers, and work towards a resolution, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Our aviation insurance specialists are based on the Gold Coast and provide insurance to aviation professionals and businesses across Queensland and Australia wide.

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